01 August 2016

ROAD TRIP- Summer 2016- Last Stop

Last stop was in Louisville, KY. Thankfully, I had posted these last two photos on Instagram. It was raining that day and we were tired and ready to go home. We did manage to stop at The Brown Hotel and get a hot brown! The best thing we ate the whole trip! YUM!

30 July 2016

ROAD TRIP- Summer 2016- The Road Back Home

Vail, CO

So it's right about here when photos start getting scarce.... We stopped in Fort Collins on our way back and I only have two photos. Waaaaaaah! I really wish I had a better one of these two because they are hilarious together!!! Uncle Keith never gives up and Eli loves/hates every minute! Ha! 

COUSINS!!!!! (Totally missing the other set of Fort Collin cousins :( Bad Auntie forgot to take a picture!) I'm also missing a super fun ladies night at my Aunt Pat's new house in Broomfield. Did we seriously not take any photos??

Stopped in Wichita, KS for a couple nights to give Oma and Great Grandma a hug and a kiss!

And to celebrate our summer birthdays!

Stopped in St. Louis for a night and saw my brother and his family, and his new house! We went swimming at the hotel pool the next day, but again, major photo fail.

One of the boys took this in the hotel... I think it was in St. Louis. Makes me giggle.

25 July 2016

ROAD TRIP Summer 2016 - Week Two

Headed to GJ after a few days in the San Juans. This photo was in Delta, CO. I was going to stop to see a friend, but everyone and everything was being blah that day..... Life on the road was starting to get uncomfortable, I guess.

Went hiking with Gpa on Lunch Loop trail. He showed the boys a secret cave.

Lots of time with Rudy. It was the first time the boys have met Rudy. I knew Eli would be crazy about him and all the curly hair!

Uncle Adam!!!!!

Ma is going to kill me for this one, but it's the only pic I have of her!

22 July 2016

ROAD TRIP- Summer 2016- Day 5

Day Five was a long one on the road..... We stopped for lunch in St. Louis, and Podge and Thomas met us at Subway! I lost my photos on my phone so I don't have any of Podge:(

Made it to Ridgeway, CO just in time for our birthdays!!!! YAY!

Gma Panozzo came up for a couple nights to join us! Yay! 

Eli was obsessed with the Three Little Pigs during our stay at the cabin and made props and hand puppets so he could perform a play for us everyday.... all day....

HUGE thanks to Pa Pa Rich and Janice for hosting us at the cabin for a few days!!! Always a good time!

19 July 2016

ROAD TRIP- Summer 2016- Day Three and Four

Quick stop in Dayton, Ohio. Flyboy's dad took him here when he was a kid. It's a massive museum and the boys were pretty antsy that morning. Didn't quite go as planned, but we still checked it off our list!

Hotel in Indianapolis, IN. Looking like a bunch of gypsies...

Day 4- Indianapolis Speedway!

17 July 2016

ROAD TRIP Summer 2016- Day One and Two

Some may think we're crazy, and I would have to agree..... The last time we road tripped from Virginia to Colorado was a month after Eli was born- Three very young kids, Bama, and a daddy who was on a mission- https://letters-from-the-homefront.blogspot.com/2009/07/ive-been-everywhere-man-ive-been.html  This road trip was a little different. We stopped and stayed the night a lot more, and Shayne ended up staying home with Luca. Although it was super strange not to have Shayne with us, I knew this was just the beginning of our 'new normal'. Sniff.... sniff....

First stop- Cumberland, MD, where we took our fall foliage train ride last year- http://letters-from-the-homefront.blogspot.com/2015/10/western-maryland-railroad.html They have this great little train park that Eli loves and some super yummy BBQ next door.

Second stop was by accident- Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum, Wheeling, WV (Flyboy had most of our trip mapped and planned- Time on target, true Flyboy style, but I always try to throw him a couple curve balls just to make things interesting.... "Stop! Look! A toy and train museum in 10 miles!!!!!" If it's for the boys, he usually complies pretty well... for Flyboy, at least. Ha!

Crazy cat at the museum. I wish I had taken more photos of this place... It was super freaky!!! Old creepy toys everywhere!!! It was in this huge, historic school building. Flyboy and I could not stop nervously giggling... It had all of our old toys, which we loved, but at the same time we were scared to death we were going to get murdered! HA!

First overnight stop- Cininnati, OH. I really started missing Shayne when we finally got to our hotel room. It was awesome! She would have loved it! Totally felt like we had a loft in the city. The boys loved it.